Ananya Gupta, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr. Ananya Gupta received her B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology from Patna University (Patna, India) and M.Sc. degree from Central University of Rajasthan (Ajmer, India). She then pursued her Ph.D in Vaccine Immunology from National Institute of Immunology under the affiliation of Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi, India). Her Doctoral research was focused on comparing the pulmonary and systemic immune response following nasal / conventional route of anti-tuberculosis immunotherapy and to understanding immunological status of two pulmonary compartments i.e., lung airways and the interstitium following the immunotherapy, before and early post M. tuberculosis challenge. She has joined Khader Lab as Post-Doctoral Research Associate in 2019. Ananya’s work in the Khader Lab is to study the role of host genetics in determining protection against TB and to come up with HDTs for better primary and/or secondary tuberculosis protection.

Pubmed Publications: