Trends in Microbiology: Navigating during the Pandemic: Dialogues across Career Stages Navigating During the Pandemic

American Society for Microbiology announces 65 Fellows Elected into the American Academy of Microbiology https://asm.org/Press-Releases/2021/February/65-Fellows-Elected-into-the-American-Academy-of-Mi

Feldman, Khader, Philips elected to American Academy of Microbiology – Recognized for research on TB, hospital-acquired infections Khader, Philips, Feldman elected to American Academy of Microbiology


Podcast interview with Dr. Shibali Das, September 2020 https://lmtv.podbean.com/

Press release for Ahmed et al 2020: Immune responses to tuberculosis mapped across 3 species

Video: Immune correlates of tuberculosis disease and risk translate across species


Press release for Ardain et al 2019: Immune cells play unexpected role early tuberculosis infection

Early protection against TB crucial to fighting infection/


Deadly TB Study
Study IDs why some TB bacteria prove deadly/

St. Louis Public Radio, October 20, 2018
Drug-resistant tuberculosis tricks immune system, say Wash U researchers


NIH put out this media release on our vaccine paper that was published online.
NIH-supported scientists accelerate immune response tuberculosis mice

News story at WashU’s website.
Study helps explain why tuberculosis vaccines ineffective/


Press release for Monin et al 2015: Study sheds light on why


Dr. Kristin Griffiths, PhD, receives the American Lung Association Senior Research Training Fellowship, 2014-2015.

Dr. June Treerat, Ph.D, receives the 2015 Alexander & Gertrude Berg Fellowship, Department of Molecular Microbiology, Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Racquel Domingo-Gonzalez, PhD, receives the 2015 Keck Post doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis.


CXCR5+ T helper cells mediate protective immunity against tuberculosis –“Author’s take” for Slight et al, Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2013.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Press release for Slight et al, 2013, Journal of Clinical Investigation

University of Buffalo, Press Release for Gopal et al, 2013
Novel vaccine strategies against tuberculosis


Trudeau Institute, Press release for Khader et al, 2010, Journal of Immunology


University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences. “Immune System Quirk Could Lead To Effective Tularemia Vaccine.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 24 October 2009.


Boosting the efficacy of TB vaccines